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Monday, April 2, 2012

While We've Been Away

Being a full time father of 2 young boys, husband, and school teacher makes it hard to be much of a blogger.  Add in the fact that the weather has been unseasonably warm and the fish have been biting, and finding time to make a post becomes that much more difficult.  Here is what has happened since we last posted.

* Valpo lost to Miami in the first round of the NIT.  Good effort, but it is hard to win with your only two back up guards out sick and your top player just getting over being ill.

* Valpo added two new transfers in Lavonte Dority and Jordan Coleman.  Both appear ready to contribute immediately.  Dority looks like a point guard who can score while Coleman appears to be more of a 2 guard.  Both will add much needed athleticism.  Scroll down a little bit and you can find an interview with Dority from Scouting the Mid Majors.

* Bryce Drew was leaving us for Mississippi State, then he wasn't, then he signed a multi year extension.  I'm not sure if he is a lifer, if he will wait for the right job to come around, or if he just stayed due to health concerns with his family, but I'm glad we have Coach back for another year.  These bigger job offers will continue every year that Valpo has success so, hopefully, get used to this drama.

* Richie Edwards and Hrvoje Vucic will not be back next year.  Sounds to me like Richie was a bit homesick and probably expected more minutes, while Vucic must have recognized his role at Valpo was never going to materialize.

* Former head coach Homer Drew was given the "Keys to Life" award from Legends of the Hardwood.  We tweeted this several weeks in advance (@sectionee).  Congratulations Coach Homer Drew!

* Talk continues on the fanzone message board about the need to upgrade facilities.  Be patient, it is in the master plan.  A new campaign starts soon.  Oh, and the athletes need to realize the importance to give back to their universities. 

* The prospects for another successful season are great.  With the incoming transfers teaming up with Vashil Fernandez and Bobby Capobianco (both of which are a bit of a mystery) along with the returning players Valpo should be right back on top of the Horizon League.

Thanks for checking in.  We will continue to post from time to time, probably more so in the Summer when school lets out.